SHAPE Contractor of Andover can fit an outside tap

Outside tap

Many of the new homes being built in Andover, Hampshire over the last few years do not have an outside tap. Those on The Chariots development or Augusta Park spring to mind. An outside tap has many uses, watering the garden, washing the car and filling the children’s paddling pools etc. Without one, life can be a bit difficult, if not very frustrating.

Kit or professional installation?

There are many Do It Yourself kits on the market sold at local stores such as Homebase or screwfix. Some of these kits are good and some, not so good.

Garden tap Kit
A professionally fitted one with soldered endfeed copper, is in our opinion, the best fit. There’ll be no exposed copper pipework on the outside, so no risk of winter freezing.

Fitment also needs to satisfy Water Regulations which take into account, reducing the risk of back-siphoning of dirty water into your home’s drinking water. Some of the cheaper DIY kits may not have a non-return valve fitted to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. Be careful if buying online, particularly if imported from overseas.

Connecting a hose to an outside tap

We take it for granted, but not everyone is sure how to fit their garden hose to a threaded tap. Hozelock is a brand name of quick garden hose connection but there are other brands available that do the same job. We’ve put together a really quick video to show you how.

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Installing Worcester Bosch Boiler – SHAPE Contractor

Converting to a new combination boiler

Today, our engineers are removing an old gas back boiler from a flat in Tidworth, Hampshire and fitting a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25Si Compact Combination boiler.
Our engineers are highly trained on these boilers with a breadth of experience and knowledge.
We’re converting a the system to run on a new A-rated combination boiler so theres a buit of work involved converting the pipework.

Old Gas Back Boiler

Upgrading and modernising components

Items that will be modernised are the old room thermostat to a programmable room thermostat. Removal of all the old and ageing pumps and valves for new items that are part of the boiler and all provided with an 8 year PARTS & LABOUR GUARANTEE.

We’re able to offer this extended GUARANTEE to our customers due to our engineers receiving training at Worcester Bosch’s training facility in Worcester itself. The training is ongoing as new boilers emerge from the technical wizards at Worcester.

Conversion of system

Also happening is the conversion from a vented to a fully sealed heating system. One of the benefits of a sealed system is that it prevents further corrosion when the system is eradicated of air (oxygen).

We also have engineers out quoting in Tidworth and Picket Twenty. Once those are completed, we’re off to an oil boiler breakdown and repair in Kimpton Down. We can obtain the majority of spares on a pre-noon next day service, but in the majority of breakdowns we are able to complete jobs quickly and efficiently as our vans carry a good selection of spares to enable same visit repairs.

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Installer, and Accredited to Worcester Bosch Oil & Gas Boilers

Andover’s Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer of boiler products

Annual boiler services are highly recommended to make sure all the necessary checks are done to keep your boiler at it’s best performance throughout it’s years of operation. We are also Andover boiler installer’s of Worcester Bosch products. If yours has given up the fight for survival or if it’s time for a new one, then we provide free quotations.

Please do not leave it until the onset of winter to decide you need a new one. Most reputable companies are starting to get snowed under with breakdown calls. This just might leave you open to individuals who aren’t busy and can do it at a moment’s notice (normally a good reason for that and we’ll leave you to make your own mind up just why that might be?)

Gas Safe & OFTEC registered

All of our fully trained Gas Safe engineers are out and about doing various jobs today in and around Andover today. Check us out on the Gas Safe Register.
From annual oil or gas boiler services to plumbing jobs which include jobs such as fitting outside taps, moving radiators and repairing leaks.
All at competitive rates! See our prices here. We publish them for all to see, totally transparent.

small jobs – BIG JOBS

No job is to small for SHAPE Contractor. We do hundreds per year so can assist you in whatever you require. Everything is about the quality of the work that we carry out and the professional experience that our engineers have, that helps us deliver time after time.

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Burst Pipes in the Middle of the Night – SHAPE Contractor has it covered

Exposing the Burst Pipework

Removing Boxwork
Burst pipes are a real problem. If you’re at home you can do something about it. If you’re away from your property, particularly for any length of time then the results can be catastrophic. It’s always worth double checking your home insurance to confirm you’re covered. A burst pipe doesn’t always happen in the winter either. Freezing pipework is the most likely cause but this particular incident happened during a lovely warm summers night. A real nightmare for the homeowner.

The water was luckily isolated and then they were able to run all the house taps to drain the pipework. Hidden behind boxwork, we removed it to the area of the leak.

Locating the Leak

Locating the Leak

In this instance it was obvious where the leak was located. The pipe had actually blown clear of the fitting. Poor workmanship, by a stupid plumber or not so clever DIYer meant that the pipework had been cut too short to push fully home into the John Guest (JG) speedfit pipework. They had also neglected to fit any inserts into the pipework. All round a pretty poor installation and an accident waiting to happen.

Carrying out a Repair

Temporary Repair

We are unable to carry every part for every eventuality, so we were unable to carry out a permanent repair during this visit. However, we were able to isolate it so that the hot water to the rest of the outlets was available. We try our utmost to repair permanently during the initial visit, but in this insttance we’ll need to return at a mutually convenient date and carry out a permanent repair. We’ll also check the rest of the fittings to ensure that this kind of problem does not occur in the future.

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Old Back Boiler Renewal in Andover – SHAPE Contractor

Old Gas Back Boiler

Old Back Boiler

This old gas back boiler was removed by our Gas Safe engineers in preparation for a renewal. It wasn’t until we removed boxed in pipework alongside the chimney breast that we identified a hitch. The boiler was fitted to an old gravity hot water circuit. We were expecting to find hidden valves and other items but found just old pipes. Now there’s some pipework changes to be made and a few extra valves and thermostats to be added to bring the system up to date. No problem for our engineers as they are all fully qualified in gas and plumbing systems.

Worcester Bosch Replacement

We’ve recommended a Worcester Bosch Greenstar wall hung gas 18Ri heat only boiler renewal. Simply due to quality, long-life and the excellent parts & labour GUARANTEES. This will be fitted in a different location. The only space available in the house was the loft and with this comes other logistic problems to overcome. frost damage, insulation etc etc. However we have it covered. With lighting in the loft, decent flooring for an engineer to future service it and controls in place to protect it. As Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers of gas and oil boilers you can count on us to carry out a quality installation.

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Worcester Bosch boiler renewal in Andover by SHAPE Contractor

Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler Installation in Andover

We have just finished renewing a failed Remeha Gas boiler in Andover, for a brand new WORCESTER BOSCH GREENSTAR 27i Compact System GAS BOILER WITH HORIZONTAL FLUE OUTLET.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Gas Boiler

The old boiler was 5 years old! 5 years?? The reason it had failed early? It had been installed incorrectly by a company based in Southampton, that shall remain nameless. If a new condensing boiler is installed incorrectly then it will fail prematurely.

There are so many technical components that require to be in place when a new condensing boiler is fitted. Condensate disposal, magnetic filtration such as the Worcester Greenstar filter, enough expansion vessel to cope with system demands and then the correct commissioning of the boiler itself. If not done correctly then unfortunately, you may pay a heavy price.

Shop around and discover a LOCAL heating company like us here at SHAPE Contractor heating & plumbing.

Our engineers are fully qualified and trained on the boilers we fit. We’re Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers. This means that all our engineers have received thorough training from Worcester Bosch Training Academy in Worcester. We then offer solid, parts & labour GUARANTEES to our customers for peace of mind.

As members of consumer protection organisations like Which? Trusted Traders and Checkatrade, we have been vetted and annually checked for qualifications, insurance cover and what’s more our customers can leave us feedback when a job has finished. We’re always striving to not only keep up with our great service, but there’s always room for improvement and this is just one way we can do it.

Give us a call on Andover 01264 748041 or email us: We’re here to assist you in all your heating & plumbing requirements. Try our contacts page for full details of ways to get in touch.

Shower Valve Repairs in Appleshaw near Andover


We exposed this old shower valve as the homeowner wanted it renewed. The trouble with older showers is that the spares may become obsolete and then sourcing them becomes difficult as the spares stock deplete. In this case the customer supplied a new model so we didn’t need to source spares. Luckily, they had a spare couple of white tiles to replace that removed. So we were off to a great start.

Old Valve

Old Concealed Shower Valve

The new valve was fitted and the plasterboard repaired where it had broken away whilst trying to gain access when removing the tile. All relatively straightforward for us. Shower designs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This picture shows a concealed design. They look great and are reliable on the whole. The downside is that if they need renewing then it can be a bigger task than if renewing an exposed model.

New Valve

New Concealed Shower Valve

All tiled and cleaned up ready for service. SHAPE Contractor Heating & Plumbing are Andover’s local heating and plumbing company. Mira, Bristan and Aqualisa showers are just a few of what we install. Give us a call on Andover 01264 748041 or email: We’re here to help.

Completed Job

Boiler renewals & repair; SHAPE Contractor Heating & Plumbing

We took a photo of our vans this morning prior to starting out for the new week with a boiler installation commencing tomorrow. We hope you like our number plates! SP09 for Tidworth & Ludgershall, SP10 & SP11 for Andover and surrounding areas. Gas, Tap and BOG sort of sum up what we do, albeit a little tongue in cheek with the latter plate.

Clean and ready for the week
Van Number Plates

Look out for our vans on the road and if you ever need us we’re just a phone call away. Based in the centre of Andover, that’s where we operate from. A local, small company serving our local community.

Today we’re carrying out a Gas boiler service in Andover, shower renewal in Appleshaw, oil combi boiler repair in Weyhill, toilet cistern repair in Picket Twenty, oil boiler service in Penton Mewsey and a loft tank overflow investigation in Stoke nr Andover. We carry a good range of basic parts so should be able to repair most of these during our first visit.

Call our office in Andover on 01264 748041 or email: Our small, friendly team are here to help.

As a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer of Gas & Oil fired boilers we can also provide a FREE Quotation for you. 10 Year Parts & Labour Guarantees on some of the models but a minimum of 8 years on gas and 7 on oil fired models! These top quality boilers come at a more affordable price than you would imagine and win coveted awards like Which? Best Buys year after year. All our guys are fully trained on these appliances. Installed by the best and repaired by the best.